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Assta Label House was founded in 1947 by Syd Staas. Since the beginning the goal has always been to provide superior quality and service with a strong focus on innovation, ideas and people for the benefit of our customers.


Assta Labelhouse offer a complete supply chain management from the sourcing of our raw materials to ensure adequate stock levels are maintained, to the supply of inks, plate making materials and even transport and logistics management to ensure prompt delivery of your labels.

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Wine Label Printing

Wine Label Printing

Assta has been providing labels to wine beer and spirit mark...
FOOD Labels

FOOD Labels

In this competitive market you need high impact graphics ......


Assta’s rigorous quality control, attention to detail and ...


Assta’s rigorous quality control, attention to detail and ...

Our Commitment

Our head office and main manufacturing plant is conveniently located in Sydney. Assta Label House management is always available for quick or urgent decision making with mobile phone numbers accessible on a 24-hour basis. The Assta Group was established in Sydney in 1947.

  • Assta Labelhouse and it’s associated businesses work towards the standards set by ISO9002
  • Each label produced by Assta Labelhouse is checked and reported on at every station from art to pre-press and production through to dispatch.
  • We have inspection stations mounted at the end of each press, which provides the first of three inspection points for the finished label prior to dispatch.
  • Our unique triple inspection process and attention to detail sets us apart from the competition.

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#1 Label Manufacturers in Sydney, Australia

Can you imagine a product without a label? It’s like a brand without its identity!  When you see a product on the shelf of a supermarket, the label catches your attention. We know what Australian consumers look for on the label. Assta Label House is one of the leading printers. We are an Australian-based Company located in Sydney Australia. Assta Label House is the pioneer of self-adhesive labels using automatic application. Our experience and use of technology have allowed us to evolve into a leading label printing company in Sydney Australia.

  • Professional Services

Assta Label House is the foremost label manufacturer in Sydney due to our friendly and specialised services. Decades of experience allow us to better serve our clients with the utmost attention and care. We offer over 70 years of industry knowledge and experience for the best results that help our customers get recognised in the market.

  • Wear and Tear

Our labels in Sydney are made from high quality materials which increase the life of the label and remain intact to perform well in the marketplace. Our company purchases raw material from experienced licensed suppliers ensuring the best quality and performing labels.

  • Quality is our priority

Our digital and flexographic label printing presses are ideal for high-quality label printing that leaves a positive impression on the minds of the customers with sharp clean quality printing. We are devoted to delivering you high quality labels; we quality check all the labels three times throughout the label production process.

  • Sustainable Development

We are indebted to play our part in society as a leading label manufacturing company in Sydney. We are passionate about reducing our carbon footprint, so we use environment-friendly products and high-grade raw materials. It’s just one reason why we are one of the leading label printers in Sydney.

  • Fast and Efficient Technology

We are the leading label manufacturer in Sydney Australia with highly developed technology, capable of manufacturing high volumes of stickers and labels, plain labels, custom design labels, or short-run labels. ​Our customised labels can take the form of rolls, sheets, labels, die-cut singles, and more. We pride ourselves on quick response and lead times backed up by our suppliers of raw materials which allows us to supply quality labels nationwide as quickly as possible.

Customised Labels | Personalised Approach

Many Sydney-based businesses prefer us for their label solutions because we manufacture labels according to the specifications and individual needs of the customer’s product. We offer you a lot of freedom in the choice of design, shape, materials, size, adhesive and more.

Our labels are used in a wide range of industries from liquid chemicals to health care, I.T, and logistics, to food, packaging, pharmaceutical, human services, prescription medicine dispensing, industrial and commercial uses, Wine Labels and many more. Our wide expertise across this industry has helped us see how tastes and trends have changed and evolved in Australia. We have since developed a strong reputation as wine label manufacturers.

So, you can always rest assured that we are the experts, best placed to offer you advice.

As a pioneer in self-adhesive labels, we are devoted to creating product labels that exceed your needs with some of the latest developments in label making in Sydney, Australia.

Our experienced professional team can provide you with expert assistance that helps you to create a brand image in your market. With full support to curate your brand design, quality checking at the art approval and pre-pressing stages, and the best materials to bring it all together.

Our Promise

All of our labels are printed with the help of the best commercial label printer accomplished with the highest quality even on the smallest pack or bottle, with clarity and precision.

Whether it is for a big company or small it does not matter to us. We approach all enquiries and projects with the utmost professionalism and the highest level of standards. At Assta Label House, we’re devoted to making labels that help build your brand. So, you can place your brand most competitively in the market.

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If you want to find out more about how our professional team accomplishes as much it has, feel free to get in contact with us today.


Yes, there is. While we have some of the best commercial printing technologies, our label printers can’t print everything. However, we can cater to a vast majority of dimensions, in different lengths and widths in Australia. For a quick confirmation that our label printers can make a label with your desired length and width. You can call us on (02) 9533 3644, fill out our form or email sales@assta.com.au. Our label printers at Assta Label House in Sydney, are devoted to helping our clients with support and development from start to finish. With over 70 years of experience, we can give you professional advice to assist you with developing an engaging label suitable for your brand.

The most important factor for choosing between glass and plastic is recyclability, and their resulting environmental impact. Glass can be easily repurposed and recycled by the consumer to hold flowers, water, trinkets and more. Glass also remains at the same quality when recycled into other products, while in comparison when plastic is recycled it degrades. Eventually plastic becomes a product that cannot be recycled any further, and when it decomposes it leeches out toxic chemicals into the environment.

Our company practices eco-friendly development and production to join the efforts of more sustainable business practices. Feel free to reach out to our label printing professionals to find out more about what we do.

Vinyl labels have excellent durability and weather resistance that make a perfectly suitable label for outdoor environments and rough handling. Another name for vinyl is PVC, and you can find this material used in a vast number of applications for its hardiness. They are also a common substrate for stickers, which you can for promotions or to raise brand awareness. At Assta Label House our label printing professionals in Sydney, Australia are equipped to help with a range of quality materials and types of adhesion. Coming with over 70 years of experience, we can help you to choose the right substrate, adhesive and more.

Yes, you can! All labels we produce are custom orders. We cater to your exacting needs for a unique and professional website. Assta Label House, as a label manufacturer in Sydney, Australia is devoted to meet your requirements to capture the spirit of your brand. We want to help elevate your products and packaging with the best suitable labels. We know that when it comes to your company you are the experts, but when it comes to label making, we are.

Our label printing professionals can assist you throughout the process from design to choosing your adhesive, substrate, laminate and resulting embellishments. To give you the confidence of a product label that is well suited for the material, environment, and overall finish.

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