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Assta Label House was founded in 1947 by Syd Staas. Since the beginning the goal has always been to provide superior quality and service with a strong focus on innovation, ideas and people for the benefit of our customers.


Assta Labelhouse offer a complete supply chain management from the sourcing of our raw materials to ensure adequate stock levels are maintained, to the supply of inks, plate making materials and even transport and logistics management to ensure prompt delivery of your labels.

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Wine Label Printing

Wine Label Printing

Assta has been providing labels to wine beer and spirit mark...
FOOD Labels

FOOD Labels

In this competitive market you need high impact graphics ......


Assta’s rigorous quality control, attention to detail and ...


Assta’s rigorous quality control, attention to detail and ...

Our Commitment

Our head office and main manufacturing plant is conveniently located in Sydney. Assta Label House management is always available for quick or urgent decision making with mobile phone numbers accessible on a 24-hour basis. The Assta Group was established in Sydney in 1947.

  • Assta Labelhouse and it’s associated businesses work towards the standards set by ISO9002
  • Each label produced by Assta Labelhouse is checked and reported on at every station from art to pre-press and production through to dispatch.
  • We have inspection stations mounted at the end of each press, which provides the first of three inspection points for the finished label prior to dispatch.
  • Our unique triple inspection process and attention to detail sets us apart from the competition.

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Customised Product Label Printing

Custom Labels in Sydney

No matter your industry, a well-fit custom label is sure to set your product apart. 

Assta Label House is the #1 label manufacturer in Australia. We are a family-owned label printing company based in Sydney, Australia and operating for over 70 years. Since then, we have been pioneering the way in technology and development. For example, we were the first company to print both ink and foil at the same time with our reel fed combination label press.

As the experts in labels, we can cater to any size or shape, colours, or text needed. With experience in printing labels for food, ready-made meals, small goods, beer, wine, spirits, fruit growers, florists, confectionery, cosmetics, nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and more.

We are the leading label printer in Sydney for B2B labels and self-adhesive labels. We make the labels that ‘stick.’

Why Custom Labels?

  • Tell your brand and product’s story
  • Communicate important information
  • Set your brand apart

Make your product tell a story | Custom Labels

Custom labels allow you to curate a quick and effective image of your brand. At Assta Label House, we give you a realms of possibilities with raw credible materials and our sustainable, eco-friendly printing.

We allow you to choose shade, colour, text, pictures, various embellishments and more.

You can include foil for metallic flourishes to capture the glam in your product label or to distinguish it apart as a gold label brand.

Investing into a good custom label printing in Sydney, Australia is one of the most effective ways to set your brand apart. When there are many products on the shelf or online, a beautiful and bright label captures attention. Which means consumers are more likely to buy your product or consider your product to be of high quality and point of difference in your market.

Set your brand apart | Expert Assistance!

Capture your story and set your company apart. We can help you create a beautiful design that speaks authentically of your brand. Which is important, so that consumers can connect with the product – and therefore be more likely to buy!

It’s also crucial that you communicate valuable information about your product and that you do it quickly. 

At Assta, we are the experts when it comes to building a brand image with labels in Sydney. We can help clarify any doubts that you have. So that you can have all confidence going forward with your labels. After working for over 7 decades, our label house has years of experience working with across several industries, from food to liquor, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals. 

All our labels are printed on the best commercial label printer and are manufactured using quality raw materials. So that you can also rely on the quality and precise print of our labels, resistant to wear and tear to build your brand further credibility. 

Premium Labels | Gold and Black Labels

Presentation matters, especially when it comes to prestige products such as wine, spirits and certain beauty and cosmetic items. It can go so far to influencing the taste and experience that a customer gets from the product. At Assta Label House, we understand this importance and help produce the air of quality and prestige that you are looking for. 

A black or gold label is often a tactic that companies use to set their product a part as a premium product. Even just including some decorative foil metallic flourishes can help you achieve that feel of prestige. Creating the instant expectation for something of higher quality.

Eco-Friendly, Custom Print Labels

We start with high quality raw materials when we begin producing our labels. This means a label with a prolonged life, resistant to the wear and tear that can go from transportation to being handled in the market. Our labels are printed with the best commercial label printer, producing clear and precise prints. For labels that are easily read, and quickly stand out. 

At our Label house we have the most efficient label printing methods. We are the pioneers in this field, as the first company in the world to print ink and foil on a label through the same press in one pass.

Fast Supply & Response Time

We have some of the fastest response times, suitable for urgent decision making. Giving you mobile phone access on a 24/7-hour basis.

Lastly, we always have a thorough quality checking process throughout the process. Checking the quality of our products at three points through the procedure as certified by Australian standards ISO 9001 2015 quality management systems. 

Get in touch with leading custom label manufacturers & get a quote today!

Assta Label house is the leading commercial label printers in Sydney that help you build your brand with the highest quality printing and materials.

You can call us on (02) 9533 3644 or email sales@assta.com.au for more information.


Yes, we can! Assta Label House can also print designs on the sticky adhesive side of the label. Double sided labels are a common choice for see-through packaging, so consumers can engage with the product front and back. However, there are many more reasons why we have seen businesses over the years use labels with a printed design or information on the back.

Large double-sided labels in Sydney have become a greatly used resource for windows on commercial premises like casual eateries. Often welcoming guests at the front whilst giving them information on special offers on the back. 

Clear packaged products such as water or other beverages often also require information about their contents. One-way designers have used this requirement as an opportunity is by printing a design on the back of the back label; creating a beautiful backdrop that makes a simple front label leap out. At Assta, we are always looking for new ways to enhance our clients’ products with creative labelling.

Choosing the right adhesive for your product will always depend on the application, substrate, and environmental conditions of your packaging. For example, a tamper proof adhesive will be the right adhesive to go over the opening of your packaging, while a permanent adhesive label in Sydney may be an ideal choice for a front facing application. We at Assta Label House have a range of different adhesive and self-adhesive labels in Sydney for a range of different needs. Including permanent and removable adhesives, tamper proof adhesives, electrostatic self-adhesives, self-adhesive foil labels, self-adhesive vinyl labels and more. For added help, you can reach out to one of our sales staff to assist you. They are experts in helping clients choose the best adhesive for their product or packaging.

Synthetic labels are the best labels to use for outdoor and industrial applications as they are often strong and waterproof. Vinyl, which is one of our synthetic substrates, is particularly renowned for its density, strength, and durability. High grade and specialised vinyl (or PVC) for this reason has frequently relied on construction. Its application also extends to a lot of use in marine environments, automobile vehicles, clothing and more. So, for outdoor or industrial products in Sydney, you can readily rely on vinyl labels that last long, even through different conditions.

At Assta Label House, we have a plethora of substrates available to suit a range of different applications.

At Assta Label House, we do everything in our power to ensure a high standard of quality in the print and production of your labels. We triple check all the labels we produce in every batch from art, pre-production, and production. However, if you find any errors labels in Sydney, we recommend that you contact us immediately so that we can sort the issue out. As a client, your satisfaction in our products and services is important to us. We are immediately in reach all 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, to quickly get on task.

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