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Assta Label House was founded in 1947 by Syd Staas. Since the beginning the goal has always been to provide superior quality and service with a strong focus on innovation, ideas and people for the benefit of our customers.


Assta Labelhouse offer a complete supply chain management from the sourcing of our raw materials to ensure adequate stock levels are maintained, to the supply of inks, plate making materials and even transport and logistics management to ensure prompt delivery of your labels.

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Our Products

Wine Label Printing

Wine Label Printing

Assta has been providing labels to wine beer and spirit mark...
FOOD Labels

FOOD Labels

In this competitive market you need high impact graphics ......


Assta’s rigorous quality control, attention to detail and ...


Assta’s rigorous quality control, attention to detail and ...

Our Commitment

Our head office and main manufacturing plant is conveniently located in Sydney. Assta Label House management is always available for quick or urgent decision making with mobile phone numbers accessible on a 24-hour basis. The Assta Group was established in Sydney in 1947.

  • Assta Labelhouse and it’s associated businesses work towards the standards set by ISO9002
  • Each label produced by Assta Labelhouse is checked and reported on at every station from art to pre-press and production through to dispatch.
  • We have inspection stations mounted at the end of each press, which provides the first of three inspection points for the finished label prior to dispatch.
  • Our unique triple inspection process and attention to detail sets us apart from the competition.

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Top-Notch Label Printing Company

Label Printing Company

Assta Label House is the #1 label printing company in Sydney, Australia.

Take advantage of high-quality label printing on demand. With professional and bright colours, pressed on with clear precision. All our labels are made with high grade raw materials, and quality checked at three points before delivery.

While finding the right partner to help build your brand has been quite a journey for many. Here we make it simple. Let us help you understand why Assta Label House is the right label printing company for you.

Custom Label Printing – A Tailored Product For Your Product

Custom labels bring versatility and freedom to the way you market. Even just on the shelf, or on your store online. Branding and image is important, because part of the process that market consumers vet a product is with their eyes. Create a feeling, a sense of credibility or a message about your product clear with a clever brand labelling. Customers are drawn in and captured by the colours, images, fonts, and text that you use. At Assta Label House, we can help you craft and create that statement with expert guidance and high quality printing.

We give you freedom to determine many specifics of your labels, finished to a premium high quality standard. And for those that have any doubts or questions, our experience and expertise also allow us to help you through the development.

Personalise your labels to your brand:

  • Size – We can customise our services to any dimensions to cover many different products from wine bottles to chemicals and pharmaceuticals.
  • Shape – Whether circular, rectangular, square, diamond or a shape with rounded corners, we have all the tools, technology and techniques to cater to your vision.
  • Colour – We have the best commercial grade printer, able to produce rich results in precise and vivid colour.
  • Material – Our label printing company has a wide array of materials available. You can choose from paper, plastic, foil, vinyl, etc for your labels.
  • Formats – Multiple printing solutions are available at our label printing company, with permanent and removable adhesive labels, printed tamper proof labels and more. Bringing you multiple options with speciality adhesive substrates.
  • Professional Advice – We are renowned among other label printing companies for our experience and expertise. With over 70 years in the label printing industry, we have made great strides in developing how other companies today print. Furthermore, we keep up with all the latest tastes and trends. Our professionals can help guide you through brand development and support.

Assta Label House has been leading the way, as the first company in the world behind many new developments. We were the first in producing self-adhesive wine labels. As well as the first to create and run a reel fed combination label press, and print reel fed raised printing. Combining ink and foil in the same pass. And creating text and images with a distinctively different feel.

You are the experts of your product. We are the experts when it comes to labels. Together, we are sure we will make the perfect team.

Previous Partners

We have worked with multiple industries and partners over the years.

We have produced labels for food, ready-made meals, small goods, poultry, fruit growers, florists, dairy and cheese, confectionary, cosmetics, nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, vitamins, supplement blending, health and wellness, chemicals, and more!

We are a label printing company with wide reaching expertise, ready to help you with knowledge from many industries.

Partner up with a Green Conscious Approach | Eco Friendly Printing

Many businesses, new and old, are trying to get ahead of the trend today for green conscious business practices. It’s natural, as we all desire to look after our planet. At Assta Label House, we have joined our efforts towards a sustainable workplace. If you are looking through label printing companies for an eco friendly partner, you don’t need to look much further than Assta.

Our label printing process is sustainable. We use high grade materials that are resistant to wear and tear from commute, to handling during store use. We also use the best commercial grade printers that provide efficient professional prints that save on money, time and resources.

Fast Response 24/7 to Urgent Decisions

As part of our commitment to you, we always make ourselves accessible. As a client we always leave you with mobile phone numbers that you can call anytime in the day. So, when you have those inevitable last decisions, no matter where you are or at what time, you can rest assured you can get in touch with us – straight away.

The Highest Standards in Quality

We always believe in quality talks. As your partners in labels, we never compromise in the products that we give you. So that you can be sure that your product shines.

We go above and beyond with a triple inspection check throughout the process before we dispatch them.
Assta Label House has been recognised for this commitment with our Compass Assurance Services ISO 9001 for Quality Management Systems.

Discuss your label printing needs with the experts

We are renowned among other label printing companies for the immaculate result we produce in our labels. Bringing together a focus on quality, sustainable printing and designs tailored to set your brand apart.

Contact us on (02) 9533 3644 or sales@assta.com.au


The best label material depends on your product and brand. What kind of feeling or energy that you want your consumers to engage with, as well as how you envision the spirit of your brand. This is because the material of your label can play a big part in how your label presents. In addition to adding to the beauty of the product and the packaging, it also may depend on the environment that you picture your product to go through. For example, a paper label may not be suitable for more wet and outdoor environments. 

If you’re stuck when it comes to choosing materials and design, the staff of our label printing company can help you out. Experienced and with the expertise of working across numerous industries, we are a class apart from the running among other label printing companies.

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