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Assta Label House was founded in 1947 by Syd Staas. Since the beginning the goal has always been to provide superior quality and service with a strong focus on innovation, ideas and people for the benefit of our customers.


Assta Labelhouse offer a complete supply chain management from the sourcing of our raw materials to ensure adequate stock levels are maintained, to the supply of inks, plate making materials and even transport and logistics management to ensure prompt delivery of your labels.

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Our Products

Wine Label Printing

Wine Label Printing

Assta has been providing labels to wine beer and spirit mark...
FOOD Labels

FOOD Labels

In this competitive market you need high impact graphics ......


Assta’s rigorous quality control, attention to detail and ...


Assta’s rigorous quality control, attention to detail and ...

Our Commitment

Our head office and main manufacturing plant is conveniently located in Sydney. Assta Label House management is always available for quick or urgent decision making with mobile phone numbers accessible on a 24-hour basis. The Assta Group was established in Sydney in 1947.

  • Assta Labelhouse and it’s associated businesses work towards the standards set by ISO9002
  • Each label produced by Assta Labelhouse is checked and reported on at every station from art to pre-press and production through to dispatch.
  • We have inspection stations mounted at the end of each press, which provides the first of three inspection points for the finished label prior to dispatch.
  • Our unique triple inspection process and attention to detail sets us apart from the competition.

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Custom Label Printing Services

Commercial Label Printing – Sydney, Australia

Assta Label House provides a renowned label printing service in Sydney, Australia.

We provide self-adhesive label options for both a more economical or premium quality and price point.

The experience with partnering with Assta Label House is unmatched. We offer full product support and development from start to finish. Helping take you from concept all the way to the final product.

We offer all the specialisations in printing that you may seek, including digital offset printing, screen printing, thermal printing, flexographic printing, and more near you.

Why Growing Companies Print with Assta Label House

Prime Printing – We’re proud of our reliable and clear results in our prints. Providing high quality product branding nearby with excellent and clear precision.

  • Digital offset printing – Consistent high image quality for a relatively cost-effective price tag. Digital offset printing has a fast and easy pre-production of the printing plates needed for the process.
  • Screen printing – Achieve high levels of contrast and vibrancy with printing that works on a variety of printing materials. Providing beautiful results in a durable print job.
  • Thermal printing – Thermal printing offers crisp prints and high quality logos at a high speed with easy handling. However, as the printing requires print to work, we may occasionally need to pause. Excess heat can put out more ink. In thermal printing, the ink also needs to be left to dry. They also won’t do well in prolonged exposure to direct sunlight or heat.
  • Flexographic printing – A fast method for economical label printing in Sydney. Flexographic printing is a great solution to print out just text or other simple designs.

Multiple Materials – We have multiple options in material choices for you to choose from when it comes to customising your labels. You can achieve many different looks with the base materials in kraft cardboard paper, paper, plastic, foil, vinyl and more.

You can opt for a transparent look to focus on the bottle or key in on the see-through-nature of the container to showcase the contained product. You can also create a great luxury brand label with a black matte or textured label with gold metallic flourishes in foil.

Advanced Adhesives – We key our attention down to the details, with the substrate behind our self-adhesive labels. As a pioneer in this field, we are only looking to progress further in development with new advancements and innovations.

  • Permanent or removable bond adhesives – We provide printed labels that develop a strong bond hard to remove with a surface or one easy to peel away.
  • Tamper proof adhesive – These self-adhesive labels make any product tampering immediately obvious to protect against contamination or a loss of integrity in the product.
  • Electrostatic self-adhesive – An electrostatic label has its own adhesive-like property that doesn’t leave behind any sticky residue when peeled away, or scratches. It’s also smooth, water resistant, re-adjustable and re-usable for great quality and convenience.
  • Self-adhesive foil labels – A metallic foil self-adhesive label is often desirable for quality assurance or award stickers. Businesses also sometimes use a foil label to create a gold label for a prestige product. Others use die cut foil stickers as a way to leave a mark of their brand on commercial stationery.
  • Self-adhesive vinyl labels – Self-adhesive vinyl provides a smooth, long lasting and weather resistant label and application. They can make the perfect canvas for dynamic and vibrant colours.

Finishes – The feel or shine of the finish of your label printing may be another point that you desire to set your product a part.

At Assta Label House, we can cater to multiple speciality finishes such as a gloss or matte laminate, as well as with different textures. Embossed patterns or raised prints can provide that extra factor in the details that makes a person stop and study your product.

Professional Support From the Experts | Smart Label Printing Solutions in Sydney

We at Assta Label House are the experts with over 70 years in the label industry, with a focus on high quality labels and service. We use the latest and best printing technology for all our labels for the highest quality standards.

Our professionals provide thorough support and development, to help guide you through from the initial concept to final product.

We can help guide you with dynamic designs that capture attention, communicate effectively, and tell your brand’s story. With the experience in working with multiple businesses and industries, we have seen many tastes and trends as they have evolved.

Labels for Multiple Industries

We at Assta Label House have worked with multiple industries in food and beverages, nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, liquor, beauty cosmetics and more.

Three Point Quality Inspection

We check the quality of the labels through three points of the process: art, pre-press and production. So, you can always rely on the best results once they have been dispatched.

We have the AUS ISO9001 and HACCP certification. Recognising our efforts for proficient quality management systems.

Ecofriendly Approach

We practice a forward thinking, sustainable approach in label printing with raw materials and the most efficient printing methods.

We set the standard with our commitment to quality and development. For more information about how we have pioneered the way forward in the label printing industry; we invite you to read more in our history.

We believe in working in tandem with our clients. We always seek to offer you the best possible experience and advice during our partnership. To help you secure or good honest results for a lucrative investment.

Contact us to get in touch today! You can call us on (02) 9533 3644 or email sales@assta.com.au for more information.


We always work towards 10 working days for every label printing order. We use some of the latest and best commercial label printing technologies in Sydney, Australia which allows us to work at this speed. As a company, we’re always excited to get our innovative and high-quality products out to you as soon as possible. If you end up having any sudden changes of mind in the way you want to proceed, our mobile lines are always open to hear and get these changes from you. As a label printing company that is also nearby, we’re sure you will find obvious competitive advantages in the speed and rates you will find with our company against others not in Australia.

It is generally more cost-effective to print and store labels for your products rather than print in demand. This is because the production costs for running a label printing order often becomes cheaper and more competitive the more is produced with offset printing.

There are situations where it can be more profitable to print on demand or print out a limited quantity before increasing the production once demand has set in. For more information, we recommend reaching out. Our label printing professionals nearby can help give you better advice once we understand your products’ or brand’s individualised needs. You can call us on (02) 9533 3644 or email us on sales@assta.com.au for personalised advice. You’ll always be connected to someone near you in Sydney, Australia.

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