Chemical Label Printing

Assta Label House is a leading expert in providing informative and precise chemical labels in Australia. Our extensive experience in printing compliant chemical labels with the help of state-of-the-art printing technology makes us one of the leading names for chemical and product labels. For high quality chemical labels, whether you are selling chemicals suited for retail or commercial applications.

Over 70 years of experience in the chemical labels industry, Assta Label House has evolved to become a household name for chemical labels providing outstanding services and quality. We are the pioneers of introducing self-adhesive labels in the industry, compliance starts with getting the right label that strong and durable. 

We are always committed to provide the latest innovation in all our label projects and excellent customer services. As a specialist of chemical labels, we ensure that our chemical labels comply with all the GHS standards. All our chemical labels have safety warnings, precautions, general instructions, size, barcode, storage, and disposal directions that do not lose their readability for years even in harsh conditions and environments. They have outstanding durability.  

Why are chemical labels important?

Accurate chemical labels are important so that the consumer is aware of ingredients involved in the process of making it. Many consumers prefer reading chemical labels to be aware of any allergy-related content involved. It also helps consumers identify the specific purpose your chemicals are intended for, or how it variates.

The chemical labels must be prepared according to the Model Code of Practice: Labelling of Workplace Hazardous Chemicals.

What chemical labels need to do:

  1. Chemical labels help to identify products. Without a chemical label, the identity of the product is diminished. To have a well-positioned recognition of your chemical product, you need to have the right chemical label on it.
  2. The business telephone number, the name and the Australian residential address must be mentioned on the chemical labels.
  3. According to the model WHS Regulations Schedule 8, the identity and each chemical proportion should be mentioned.
  4. Correct classification of chemicals should be displayed on the chemical labels.
  5. Mention the expiry date of the product. Expiry date is a must on a chemical label because after some time either the chemical properties fade and become unreactive, thereby not serving its purpose or it can harm the consumer.
  6. Mention precautions statements in case of any present hazard.
  7. Include emergency numbers or necessary steps in the case that the chemicals are accidentally consumed.

What must a chemical label be made of?

When you are selling chemicals, it is important to understand how they are used and stored. As chemical containers, whether large or small, can often be stored in cold and dark places it is important to consider its durability. When it comes to labels, this too should not be missed.

Assta Label House has a vast variety in materials or substrates, printing, and adhesives to deliver clear chemical labels that last. For chemical labels, we recommend using vinyl or otherwise called PVC as the base of the label. Waterproof, weather resistant and scratch resistant, they have great strength and endurance for different working conditions and workplaces. Whether they are made for warehouses, commercial use or domestically.

What do we have to offer you?

With us, we promise to provide you with outstanding quality, eco-friendly printing, professional support, and friendly service. With over 75 years of experience in the chemical labelling industry, we are committed to providing our customers the best solutions to their chemical labelling. Combining quality and competitiveness with Assta’s sustainable developments. We assure that we will be there for our customers for all quick and urgent decision making – 24 hours, 7 days a week.

  1. All our chemical labels are created towards the standard set by ISO9002.
  2. We keenly focus our attention on every single step from pre-press to production and dispatch.
  3. Triple inspection to all our chemical labels to resonate our brand values.

Assta Label House is one of the renowned names in the labelling industry who hold complete expertise to provide customers the solution to all their labelling needs. We take complete responsibility for all chemical labelling for businesses at every stage.

Lastly, we assure you that we label all chemicals correctly according to the model WHS regulation.

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We recommend that you speak to your government environmental advisor to understand what information must be included on the labels for your chemicals. They will have all the required specifications for the chemical you are labelling. Some of these details generally include the product identifier, product name, Australian address and business telephone of the manufacturer and importer. Including the relevant information on chemical bottles is crucial as a part of properly warning customers about their hazardous properties and how to handle them. Additionally, your government environmental advisor will be able to tell you what requirements there are for the placement of your labels. They can’t, for instance, be placed on a lid where the information can easily be removed or obscured.