Food Packaging Labels Printed with the Latest Equipment

In this competitive market you need high impact graphics and design to help your products fly off the shelf. At Assta we have the latest equipment to help you reach the quality desired to achieve this desire.

Customised Food Labelling in Australia

Assta Label House is the name in providing food labelling solutions across Australia. We have an extensive range of food labels that easily fulfill all food and safety standards as per the HACCP requirements. Our food packaging labels allow you to distinguish your product in the market and give them the cutting-edge. Our food labels are ideal solutions for commercial kitchens and processing plants who wish to maintain a clear inventory and food management system in their facility. Our customised food product labels allow clear and correct labelling for every item or Sku.

 Benefits of our food packaging labels:

  1. Attracts Customers: In a highly volatile and competitive market, it is essential to grab your customers’ attention and establish a rapport with them. Food product labels can be used as a tool to generate interest in your product and holding consumers’ attention.
  2. Establish brand image: It has been said that people don’t invest in products, people invest in brands. It is the brand that people look upon while making a purchase decision. A uniform, creative, and appealing food packaging design and label can create the right image for your brand in the market. Our team of professional and creative designers stay up to date with market trends. They create food labels that are contemporary and engaging.
  3. Clear communication: Our food packaging labels enable a company to communicate the major features of a product such as price, ingredients, contents, offers and much more.
  4. Informative: The food product labels are often used as a source of information by consumers. These labels are highly informative in highlighting key features of products, explaining how to use particular products, what are the cautions that one needs to follow, and much more. This is especially true for the microwaveable and ready to cook product range.
  5. Act as a point of sale: Food Labels can act as a point of sale and lure a potential consumer to buy your product. The more precise and oriented your food packaging label is the greater are the chances of a sale. Food package labels are one of the most prominent points of sale and must be given due importance at all times.

Types of Food product labels

  • Removable Labels: Assta Label House supplies a wide range of removable labels that are widely used in commercial kitchens. These labels are perfect for labelling shelves, frozen goods, contents, and much more.
  • Permanent Labels:Perfect for long-term use, our permanent labels can easily serve your varied needs. Permanent adhesives prevents these labels from peeling off and ensure they stay put for a long time.
  • Durable Food Labels:These types of labels are appropriate for all types of containers. They are easy to apply and easily removed after washing.

Our intricately designed premium labels can serve your varied purposes and give your product a distinct appearance.

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