Label solutions that will boost your brand

A label plays an important role in cementing brand recognition and popularity. The label is the first thing that the consumer sees while buying a product. While it provides much-needed information about the product, it also persuades the buying decision of the consumer. This is why it is important to pay attention to your company’s packaging labels.

Assta label House has a wealth of experience and we understand the need for the perfect label solution for a product.

Our products include:

  • Eco-friendly label solutions
  • Digital offset technology
  • High impact graphics
  • High-quality standards

Segment Solutions

We offer packaging label solutions for an array of products. And with every service we provide, we offer the guarantee of quality and customer satisfaction.

Beer, wine, spirits

A beverage market is a dynamic place, therefore, finding the right label is vital for your customers brand recognition.

From design to the technology, Assta Label House works proactively to fulfil customer’s label requirements. Our beer and wine label solutions aren’t only creatively made but they also stand the test of time.

Food and beverage 

Our food and beverage label solutions are made with high impact graphics to attract customers while they are strolling down the aisle. You can even combine the material and coating of your choice for a customised label.


As people are shifting more towards dietary supplements and food additives, the importance of extended content labels has increased. And thus, it is important to use good technology and coating to differentiate your products from competitors.

Beauty & cosmetics 

In the beauty and cosmetics industry, it’s all about attractive and eye-catching labels. Since consumers are buying the products to beautify themselves they want the label as well to reflect the same enthusiasm and qualities.

To capture the essence of this industry, we offer templates of updated and modern packaging labels. Each tailor-made design for product labels ensures the exclusivity and attractiveness of the packaging.