Label solutions that will boost your brand

A label plays an important role in cementing brand recognition and popularity. The label is the first thing that the consumer sees while buying a product. While it provides much-needed information about the product, it also persuades the buying decision of the consumer. This is why it is important to pay attention to your company’s packaging labels.

Assta Label House has a wealth of experience and we understand the need for the perfect label solution for a product. As a company, we have produced, developed and printed packaging labels across many industries in our over 70 years of service.

Our products include:

  • Eco-friendly label solutions
  • Digital offset technology
  • High impact graphics
  • High-quality standards

Segment Solutions

We offer packaging label solutions for an array of products. Bringing you a world of possibilities in choice, from materials, adhesive types, laminates and printing procedures. And with every service we provide, we offer the guarantee of quality and customer satisfaction. So, your brand can benefit from packaging labels that make your products shine.

Beer, wine, spirits

A beverage market is a dynamic place, therefore, finding the right label is vital for your customers brand recognition.

From design to the technology, Assta Label House works proactively to fulfil our clients’ label requirements. Our beer and wine label solutions aren’t only creatively made but they also stand the test of time. Packaging labels for liquor offer room for a great deal of designs on the large canvas space that boxes and bottles have. For a high-end touch, you may consider using packaging labels with metallic foil, or a luxurious gloss or matte laminate.

Food and beverage 

Our food and beverage label solutions are made with high impact graphics to attract customers while they are strolling down the aisle. You can even combine the material and coating of your choice for a customised label. Packaging labels for food offer a great opportunity to stimulate the senses and stir up an appetite. Many enjoy telling a brief story of their company or vision to help customers connect with the brand and product.


As people are shifting more towards dietary supplements and food additives, the importance of extended content labels has increased. These packaging labels make it possible to thoroughly communicate the contents and directional use of the product, or to do so in various languages. And thus, it is important to use good technology and coating to differentiate your products from competitors.

Beauty & cosmetics 

In the beauty and cosmetics industry, it’s all about attractive and eye-catching labels. Since consumers are buying the products to beautify themselves, they want the label as well to reflect the same enthusiasm and qualities. With bespoke beautiful designs that promise an indulgent spa-like experience.

To capture the essence of this industry, we offer templates of updated and modern packaging labels. Each tailor-made design for product labels ensures the exclusivity and attractiveness of the packaging.

Eco-Friendly Production

We use high-grade raw materials to produce all our labels, using the best and latest commercial printing technology. Our production efficiency lets us save time, money, and resources for better business sustainability.

The Experts in Packaging Labels

We understand the importance of packaging when it comes to selling a consumer on your products. That’s why we bring together the best solutions in our range of materials, adhesives, printing methods and designs to create your product with a packaging label that sets it apart.

Find out more about what we do, and how our team can support you. You can call us on (02) 9533 3644 or email us on


Yes! We can create waterproof product and packaging labels. Synthetic labels such as vinyl, polypropylene, or Polyethylene make great packaging labels that won’t deteriorate with water. You can rest assured that they will remain well intact in humid or moist conditions, near a water or while being carried in wet weather. We also have a range of facilities to cater to the different colours, tones, text, or level of detail that you are after. For grand designs and value adding embellishments that work with a waterproofed finish, we recommend talking to one of our experts.

We have the ability to hot or cold foil, screen print, emboss/deboss, back print, number and print variable information on any label. Additions like these helps draw attention to your product and distinguishes your brand from the rest. Hot or cold foil adds a decorative luxe touch, with the appearances of silver, bronze, and gold. Screen prints add a level of vibrancy that other printing methods can’t follow. While embossing and debossing provides changes to the surface that make the label special. And we can do more. We are known as the label makers in Sydney that know how to enhance your packaging in a way that others cannot. So, at Assta Label House, you can receive packaging labels that give you a clear competitive edge.

All our labels at Assta Label House are fully customised. You can talk about the sizing you require for your packaging labels with us. Our professionals can also help assist you in consulting your designs or requirements and confirming whether we can perform the job. We have catered our packaging label designs and production for a range of different businesses across many industries. Including food and beverages, wine, nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals and more. Our label makers can create labels in a range of sizes, shapes, formats, thicknesses, and shades. Furthermore, we can design and deliver labels for a range of applications, such as front, back, wrap around, bottle neck, etc.

We can print on just about anything you can think of, such as paper, polypropylene, vinyl, etc. At our label printing company, we stock a range of substrates for you to choose from. Our professionals can help assist you in selecting a substrate that suits the product, packaging, and environmental conditions. As well as in accomplishing a label that really sets itself apart. We can also add embellishments, laminates, varnishes and more to add value to your packaging labels. At Assta Label House, we are devoted to listening to your desires and requirements; to meet or overdeliver on the finish you are hoping for.