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Quality Adhesive Labels in Australia

Assta Label House is your one-stop destination for all your labelling needs. We have the largest variety of adhesive labels in Australia. Our labels meet the specific requirement of our customers to enhance the beauty of their products. Our team has immense knowledge of the labelling industry. They utilise the right combination of their industry expertise and advanced technology to craft quality adhesive labels.

At Assta Label House we invite you to think of new ways with us to set your product apart. With brilliantly innovative adhesive and self-adhesive labels.

Customised Adhesive Labels

Branding is one of the integral parts of product design and development. It is imperative that the branding is done thoughtfully and tactfully to attract potential customers. Assta Label House understands the importance of labels when it comes to the packaging of products and therefore, we offer tailor-made, customised adhesive labels that can fit perfectly onto your product and enhance its overall appearance.

Self-Adhesive labels are often an ideal solution for heat sensitive packaging, with its reduced chance for burning. For more information on the best adhesive for you, don’t hesitate from reaching out to our professionals.

Customised Self Adhesive Labels

Assta Label House specialises in made to order labels that perfectly meet the requirements of our clients. These labels are produced by our team to satisfy all your branding needs. All you need to do is share with us what you are looking for and we will make sure to supply you with superior quality self-adhesive labels within exceptional lead time. As a pioneer brand in self-adhesive labels, we bring a wealth of options for types of application. To help you perfectly customise a finish that suits the product and packaging.

Printing Expertise

Assta Label House specialises in all types of printing right from digital offset printing, screen printing, thermal printing, and flexographic printing. We can suggest the best possible printing option for the desired finesse and look.

  • Digital offset printing – Digital offset printing automates a printing method that uses printing plates and a light layer of rubber to control how ink travels onto a surface. It is relatively simple to use, with less pre-production time, while offering a high quality print.
  • Screen printing – In screen printing, ink travels to the end material through a mesh with shapes blocked out by a stencil. This method can produce bright vibrant colours and contrast in both self-adhesive and adhesive labels. The resulting prints are also quite durable, although the vibrancy eventually begins to fade.
  • Thermal printing – Used widely in a number of settings, thermal printing produces high quality images at a high speed. However, you need to ensure you let the resulting prints dry first otherwise the ink can smudge. It may fade when left out for a long time in the sun.
  • Flexographic printing – A fast and cost effective method to print out simple designs. Flexographic printing can print on almost any material. It uses a rolling relief plate to press ink onto the substrate such as self-adhesive vinyl labels.

Our self-adhesive Labels are printed on a variety of materials, giving you a great number of options with kraft, paper, plastic, foil, vinyl and more.

Assta Label House is the master of the labelling industry. Our vast printing knowledge, aim for perfection, and zeal to offer impeccable service to our customers makes us one of the finest companies in the label-making industry in Australia.

Professional printing solution:

  • Permanent or removable adhesive labels
  • Self-adhesive labels with specialty adhesive laminates
  • Printed tamper proof labels
  • Self-adhesive electrostatic labels
  • Self-adhesive foil labels
  • Self-adhesive vinyl labels

Our Approach

Assta Label House follows a customer-centric approach to provide meticulous service to our clients. Our team of experts place our customers at the centre-stage and take a complete brief from them while designing and printing labels. We work hard to always go the extra mile to ensure perfection and precision in every job that we do. Leaving you with marvellous adhesive labels and self-adhesive labels that set your goods apart.

We leave no stone unturned in ensuring our products meet all the quality barometers and meet the expectations of our clients. We assist you throughout the process. We believe in working in partnership with our clients and offer them the best possible experience.

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Peelable labels are simply self-adhesive labels that can be peeled of a silicone backing paper. We have a range of adhesives suited for cold, hot and room temperature applications, such as permanent or removable adhesives, electrostatic adhesives and more. Permanent adhesives bond permanently with a substrate to create a label that is transfixed. Removable adhesive labels can easily be peeled back, with a sticky backing. While electrostatic adhesives are an advanced and new removable adhesive that can be easily removed, without leaving behind any sticky residue. At Assta Label House, our professionals are suited to catering to a range of desired applications. So, you can always rest assured of getting the right self-adhesive labels for your product.

Self-adhesive labels are used in many applications throughout food, beverage, wine, and more to increase the rate of reaching the point of sale. They can be used on packaging and products to label retail items. Adhesive labels can be placed on the front, back, top, bottom or around the neck of a product or packaging. In addition to including the name of the product, suggestive images, and colours, self-adhesive labels can be used to include your table of contents, SKU code, directions and more. We can also print designs of labels on the back of a label, to make the back of a see-through product more attractive. Self-adhesive labels can also be used for business stationery, to increase brand awareness on online order thank you notes.

Nothing compares! We at Assta use the latest technology and software to produce the highest quality labels at the highest standard. Our printing produces precise and clean printed text and images, with accurate colours and tones. We are the leading label printing company in Sydney, and we have only gotten here because of the quality of our end results. With facilities to cater to a range of different complex and simple designs, as well as a great number of substrates for your adhesive labels. Along with an experienced team of designers and experts. We at Assta Label House are determined to create self-adhesive labels that set the products of our clients apart.